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At Pure Power Solutions, we have over 20 years of experience in designing and installing top-quality solar energy systems for residential and commercial applications. Our personalized approach and attention to detail has earned us a strong reputation here in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Counties.


Many of the renewable energy solutions we design feature battery backup or energy storage. This includes grid-interactive battery storage for grid-tied systems and energy storage for off-grid systems.

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

With a grid-tied system, battery backup allows you to store the excess electricity your system produces rather than feeding it back into the electricity grid. You may then use the energy you have stored at times when your solar panels are producing less energy, such as at night. Here in Northern California where sunlight is abundant, battery storage can go a long way in maximizing the energy independence you enjoy with your grid-tied system.


In off-grid systems, battery storage is essential for maintaining consistent access to power year-round, day or night. The right battery storage solution will meet your energy needs even during the winter when sunlight is less abundant.

Custom Battery Storage Solutions Using Top-Tier Products

Every project we take on is unique, and we draw on decades of experience in the industry to design the best renewable energy solutions for our customers. We can help you decide if energy storage is a good option for your system.


For systems that do feature energy storage, we use top-tier energy storage products from trusted manufacturers. We often install Sonnen energy storage with grid-tied systems and OutBack Power energy storage with off-grid systems.

Pure Power Solutions: Custom Solar Solutions to Meet Your Energy Needs

Having been in the solar industry for over 21 years, we have a unique ability to handle the technical challenges of installing a renewable energy system with battery storage. Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to offset your electricity bills or a commercial property owner committed to reducing your carbon footprint, we’ll design and install the ideal solution for you.

Want to maximize your energy independence or reduce your carbon footprint with solar battery storage? Call (707) 433-6556 or contact us to consult our solar experts.

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