Pure Power Solutions designs a wide variety of custom solar energy solutions throughout Northern California, including residential off-grid systems. Learn more about how we designed and installed an off-grid solar system for this 100-acre family farm in Sonoma County, CA.

Designing a Custom Solar Solution for a 100-Acre Ranch

After hearing about us through word of mouth due to our strong regional reputation, the owners of this 100-acre ranch in Sonoma County came to us with an ambitious estate and ranch development plan. They needed us to help them determine their energy needs — and then design a custom solar energy solution to meet their needs.

The Solution: An Off-Grid Mobile Containerized System

This project was unique in that the owners wanted their system to be mobile, should they decide to relocate it to another part of the ranch in the future. We estimated the property’s energy consumption and then designed a leading-edge, portable, containerized off-grid system.

The system has a 42 kW off-grid energy capacity — much larger than a typical off-grid residential system due to the property’s greater energy needs. The system features a 20.4 kW solar array feeding into a 90 kWh lithium battery array backed up by a 50 kW generator.

The Results: Energy Independence & System Versatility

Prior to installation of their new solar system, the owners of this Sonoma County farm relied on diesel generators to power all agricultural and recreational operations. We were able to provide them with rapid installation of their off-grid system, supplying the ranch with power the same day the containerized system was delivered. With their new system, this family now enjoys full energy independence.

The new system also offers impressive versatility. Because the system is both scalable and portable, this family can easily expand and move their system as their energy needs grow.

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