We often meet homeowners who want to integrate a solar energy system into the design of their new construction home. Find out how Pure Power Solutions helped this homeowner in Sonoma County install a solar system that fit in well with the design of their new home.

Designing a Solar Energy Solution for a New, Modern Home

Recognizing the quality of our work, the builders of this modern-design home, Fairweather & Associates, sub-contracted with us to design a custom solar energy solution for the home.

The home features a flat roof and overlooks Lake Sonoma and the hilltops and vineyards of Sonoma County. The homeowner wanted a system with battery backup that would work together with a grid connection to manage their electricity consumption while also backing up critical loads during a power outage. We worked with these preferences to design a solution that best suited the homeowner’s needs.

The Solution: A Grid-Tied System with Battery Backup

Ultimately, we designed a grid-tied residential system complete with a sonnenBatterie eco 16 lithium battery system. The system is 6.6 kW in size and features 20 solar modules mounted on the home’s flat roof.

We worked with Fairweather during their construction process, using blueprints and coordinating with their carpenters and roofers, to install the system in a way that fit in well with the architecture of the home and the timing of the construction project.

The Results: Solar Benefits with a Clean Design

For this homeowner, we were able to install the system in a manner that is invisible to visitors on the ground — offering the benefits of solar without the visibility. With the sonnen battery backup system, this homeowner has access to clean and renewable solar energy, even during a power outage.

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