For commercial property owners who are looking to increase their energy dependence, installing a solar energy system on a parking lot shade canopy is a great way to take advantage of readily available solar energy. Take a look at how Pure Power Solutions helped Max Machinery reduce their carbon footprint.

Increasing Energy Independence with a Second Renewable Energy System

We had prior experience with Max Machinery before this project, as we installed the first solar energy system on their property. Because the owners were so pleased with their first system and were looking to increase their energy independence even further, they asked us to install a second renewable energy system.

The Solution: A Grid-Tied, Commercial-Scale Parking Canopy

The owners of Max Machinery came to us with goals to utilize a carport structure for their second solar energy system. After consulting with them, our experts were able to help them determine the proper size and scope of the project. We also helped them gain project approval from the City of Healdsburg.

The 222 kW commercial system was ultimately installed on a parking lot solar shade canopy covering 56 parking spaces. The new system is made up of 604 high performance solar modules.

The Results: Greater Energy Independence & A Reduced Carbon Footprint

We received extremely positive feedback on this project. With their second solar energy system, Max Machinery now enjoys even greater energy independence than before, plus a minimized carbon footprint.

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