At Pure Power Solutions, we have long-standing relationships with many general contractors in Northern California who ask us to install solar energy on the homes they’re building. Take a look at how we designed and installed an off-grid system for a country home far from the grid in Sonoma County.

Determining the Right Solar Solution for a New Home

When the general contractor building this new country home asked us to design a solar energy system for the home, we knew the project would require careful planning.

As a new home with no electricity usage history, we needed to analyze all of the energy-consuming appliances planned for the home and surrounding land, and by interviewing the client, estimate how much electricity each appliance would consume. We then used this information to define the design parameters of the solar system.

The Solution: An Off-Grid System with Battery Storage

Because the new home would be located far from the grid, an off-grid system was the natural solution. Our team ultimately determined that an 18.55 kW system would best suit the energy needs for this home. The system features 72 AGM batteries to provide uninterrupted power, along with 4 Outback Radian GS8048A Inverters and design-conscious black modules.

The Results: Energy Independence Away from the Grid

The owners of the new country home are extremely pleased with their residential solar energy system. More than your average mountain cabin off-grid system, this system supplies the electrical needs of a modern, fully-appointed custom home. It offers the home’s owners uninterrupted power and reliability as if connected to the grid, all without compromising on electricity usage preferences.

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