Pure Power Solutions has extensive experience in helping organizations take advantage of the benefits of solar. Take a look at how we helped the Bouverie Preserve of Audubon Canyon Ranch offset the majority of their electrical usage with a ground-mounted solar energy system.

Helping a Non-Profit Organization Go Solar

The Bouverie Preserve of Audubon Canyon Ranch is a large nature preserve in Glen Ellen, California, with classrooms, meeting space, offices, and a visitor’s center. Audubon Canyon Ranch wanted a solar energy system that would offset electrical usage and reduce overall energy expenses.

As a non-profit, Audubon Canyon Ranch was unable to take advantage of the tax benefits of solar. Our team brokered a Power Purchase Agreement for them with an outside investor in order to fully finance the solar system and transfer the tax impact to the investor.

The Solution: A Grid-Tied Agricultural Ground Mount

With the financing in order, we designed a solar energy solution that would best meet the needs of Bouverie Preserve. We decided on a 35 kW, grid-tied agricultural ground mount system, complete with 103 American-made SolarWorld modules. The system would offset the majority of their electrical usage while drawing on the power grid as needed for uninterrupted power.

The Results: Offset Electrical Usage & Reduced Energy Expenses

The new ground mount system is helping offset electrical consumption significantly, resulting in reduced energy expenses. With the savings on their energy expenses, Bouverie Preserve has been able to dedicate a larger portion of their budget to educational programs.

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