At Pure Power Solutions, we design custom solar energy solutions for homeowners throughout Northern California, including Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties. Take a look at how we designed and installed a roof-mounted residential system for this suburban 1960s ranch-style home.

A Solar Energy System for a 1960s Suburban Home

We originally met the owners of this 1960s ranch-style home when we installed a ground-mounted solar energy system at their farm. The owners had since sold their farm and moved to a neighborhood in town. Because they were pleased with their ground-mounted system and were looking to install solar on their new home, they contacted us about designing and installing their new system.

The Solution: A Grid-Tied, Roof-Mounted System

To suit the homeowners’ aesthetic preferences, our team designed a 4.8 kW grid-tied, roof-mounted system featuring American-made black solar modules by SolarWorld. The panels would contribute to an aesthetically pleasing array while satisfying 100% of the homeowners’ current electricity usage.

For this home, we had to update the electrical service panel in order to prepare it to accommodate solar. We completed this as part of the solar installation so that the cost of the service panel upgrade could also be reduced by the solar investment tax credit.

The Results: An Aesthetically Pleasing Array & Lower Electricity Bills

The new system for this suburban home satisfies 100% of the homeowners’ current electricity usage in a way that is especially pleasing to the eye. Now these homeowners can expect virtually eliminated electricity bills, with access to the power grid should their electrical needs increase in the future. Pleased with their new system, these homeowners have already recommended us to a number of their friends and neighbors.

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