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July 18, 2018

Wildfires and earthquakes are well-known, although unpredictable challenges for California homeowners.  Even areas not traditionally in the path of wildfires were impacted in 2017, the costliest wildfire season in state history.  Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Windsor, Healdsburg, Geyserville and Cloverdale, cities serviced by Pure Power Solutions, experienced fires, evacuations and power outages.  

Whether far from disaster areas or in the thick of it, power outages hurt homes and businesses, especially during the critical stages of an emergency situation when communications equipment and water pumping is most important.  A microgrid installation can help a home or business through the critical stages of an emergency situation or natural disaster, when others are without power.

What Is A Microgrid?

A microgrid is a self-contained energy system that can operate alongside with, or separately from, a commercial electricity utility grid.  Microgrids may be installed for economic reasons or for energy independence reasons or both.

How Does It Work?

A grid-tied microgrid will stay connected to its main power grid until it is deemed necessary to switch to independent power. This is usually in a time of high energy demand, like in a heat wave or natural disaster when the main power grid is compromised. At that point, a microgrid switches to power generated by a localized source, like fuel generators, power storage units (like batteries), or renewable sources like solar.

There has been a lot to learn from microgrids during natural disasters in the past, like Superstorm Sandy in 2012. While most of Manhattan was without power, New York University was still able to keep all of its lights on for nearly two full days.

Even here in California during the Butte fire of 2015, the Jackson Rancheria Casino was able to turn their hotel into a safe haven full of cots and RVs by disconnecting from the Pacific Gas & Electric grid for 10 days while the power infrastructure was repaired.

How Can You Benefit?

There are many upsides to protecting your home or business from unexpected power outages using a microgrid. Including, but not limited to:

  • Eliminated risk of outages during a natural disaster

  • Dependable power for critical electrical loads

  • Reduced energy bills (especially in the case of solar)

  • Energy independence

Many homes and businesses are protecting themselves against energy emergencies and grid inconsistency by installing microgrid systems. It may be time for your home or business to start guarding against the next grid outage, whether due to excessive summer demand or natural disaster.

Pure Power Solutions Can Help

With over 20 years of experience in installing solar and energy storage systems in residential homes and businesses, we want to get you on your way to energy independence. We approach each job’s unique needs to make sure we are installing the right system for each customer. And we want to give you peace of mind when it comes to your energy needs this wildfire season.

Looking to keep your lights on, no matter what damage California wildfires bring to your powerlines this year? Rest easy with Pure Power Solutions.

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