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March 1, 2016

We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with Sonnen Batterie. We make it our business to investigate and explore the most impressive technologies available. We pass our findings along to our customers in the form of increased efficiency and, therefore, higher ROI. Because we spend each day investing our resources to continuously improve our offerings, the cream rises to the top this spring in the form of Sonnen.

Sonnen Batterie is a revolution in itself. They’ve upped the game for thousands of European households, and we feel that the time is right to help them improve the lives of our customers as well. With two outstanding battery products and even an app to support them, the standards of how we use and monitor our energy just got higher.

A friend once told us that in order to make a real impact in technology today, incredible software may be impressive, but you’re going to have to augment that with stellar hardware. You’ve heard of FitBit, right? Yeah. What we’re looking at with Sonnen Batterie is just the flipside of the model: awesome hardware supported by intuitive software, all the way from Germany.

The “Pro” package is ideal for the commercial installations we love to perform – rooftop, ground mount, whatever it needs to be. Businesses that benefit most from Pro are hotels, wineries, spas and retail establishments. “Eco” addresses our residential customers who need the same excellence, just less of it. You might recall Rody saying in Sonoma Discoveries Magazine that lead batteries can be perfectly OK because we recycle them as best we can in an imperfect world. Sonnen’s Lithium-Ion batteries have fantastic specs, and they come integrated with software that learns your patterns and apportions power in doses in advance of peak usage time. That right there is the revolution we’re excited about. A battery that draws from your panels when it’s the most affordable and deploys it to the system when alternate usage would cost the most is a battery we love.

So, as we strive to help you make the world a better place, our partnership with Sonnen is the latest way we’ve found to demonstrate this commitment. We look forward to showing it off for you at your winery, on your residential property, or wherever. Tell a friend.


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